Washers and Dryers That Pay For Themselves!

In most on premise laundry settings for apartment buildings and complexes, the owner would be responsible for providing a laundry option to the tenants and keeping up with the coin operated machines. At Affordable Appliance Repair LLC we offer another option. We will provide brand new washers and dryers for you! We will assume all service responsibilities if repairs are needed, as well as continuous visits for maintenance and cleanings. There are various contract options available that include revenue sharing. Call us today for more information!


Why Is This A More Beneficial Option to You As The Property Owner?

  • Affordable Appliance Repair LLC are established experts. We receive discounts on machines and parts when those machines need those parts, saving you money!
  • Your time is valuable! First you must research what equipment to buy, then you must be present for delivery/installation of the equipment. You must collect, count and deposit the money. You must deal with resident problems, repairs, refunds and complaints. With Affordable Appliance Repair we handle all of this and more, allowing you to focus on your real estate, while we focus on the laundry room.
  • We will install NEW machines for FREE!
  • Share a percentage of gross laundry revenue with you, without having to put forth effort on your part when things need maintenance or replacing.
  • Machines will be under warranty!
  • Free on call service technicians. Don’t worry about paying labor, parts and repairs on service calls. We handle it all!
  • We provide $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance.
  • Eliminate Collection Risks! When you own your machines you must collect the coins. All of the machines we will install have non-resettable counters on them so you can keep track of the number of loads being done vs. revenue intake for accuracy.

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